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Welcome to Enforma’s world, where tradition, love for sport and the improvement of our athletes’ performance are the key ingredients of our reason for being. These are the elements that motivate us from day to day in order to create the best sock for each discipline.

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Enforma running socks

Why choose enforma socks?

Over 100 years of experience

Enforma beginning is the family tradition that was born in 1918

Only the best materials will do

Enforma only uses the best materials to create the socks with a anatomical fit and luxurious feel

Great product and customer care

If you take good care of your they will take care of your feet


We are an expert on tape socks

Our socks help you prevent injury and reduce the length of your recovery period

About Enforma

Our ENFORMA sports socks prevent injuries and sweaty feet. They improve blood flow, support the foot arch, achilles and ankle. The sports socks do not sag and are suitable for multiple activities. Ideal for almost any activity such as sports, touring, mountain biking, hiking, running, tennis, squash, skiing, snowboarding and team sports such as football, hockey, rugby, volleyball and basketball. In addition, the sports socks are suitable for fishing, hunting and metal detection, but also for everyday use.

In collaboration with specialists

To achieve the best sports socks, our product developers continuously work with athletes and specialists from biomechanics, what we call a ‘continuous multi collaboration’. Knowledge of the latest technology and the way our sports socks are manufactured, is combined with practical knowledge and knowledge of joints, muscles and limbs. We listen to the athletes such as Claudia Galicia and Juanito Oiarzabal and develop prototypes for tests, which we correct and perfect where necessary. Making sports socks is a dynamic process.

Podiatrists, physiotherapists and doctors help us with construction, compression and resistance to injuries. As a result, our sports socks ensure healthy sports development. Our starting point is that our sports socks help you improve your performance and comfort during every activity and prevent nasty injuries.