• Prevents periostitis and overloads in tibialis anterior and soleus.
  • Special Stripes to hold the Gastrocnemius muscle.
  • V-shaped foot technology to control phase of first impact, preventing pronation and descent of the plantar arch.
  • RESET SPORT uses its deep knowledge of kinesthetic science, applied to the sock, which allows reducing overloads and injuries.
  • Composition: 91% Polyamide – 9% Elastane


  • Internal fixation with a silicone band in the cuff preventing displacement or movement of the sock during the sport practice.
  • The fabric has been designed in order to avoid any kind of rubbing on the skin as well as to prevent snagging with external elements.
  • Stabilizes the ankle and prevents possible injuries
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and tiredness during long-duration sports activities.
  • Long-lasting Technology: over 150 washes.