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Enforma Warrior Eva Grinta



Birthday: 21 April 1976
Hometown: Barcelona


It’s never too late to start rocking it! Everything started on a normal day, when you wake up like every ordinary day and drink the same coffee as always. But suddenly Rafa’s voice changes the direction of your path: Hey Eva, now that you’ve been running for a couple of years, you’d have to do intervals, wouldn’t you? Intervals? Well, that’s what happens when you start running at age 35. And then Eva gave in:

– The three-time champion of Catalonia 2019 in Indoor and Outdoor Track of Length, triple jump and reliefs.

– Bronze in the Spanish Triple Jump Championship

– Spanish Champion of 4×400 in 2018 and 1000m and Catalonia reliefs.

– Second place in the Catalan Championship of 400mll, 800mll and mile.

As you can see, she took it very seriously, didn't she?