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Enforma’s origin is the family tradition that was born in 1918 with the Molfort’s project. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then.

This family tradition has continued to the present day, a tradition that has resulted in a range of high quality sports socks.

Enforma Heritage Molfort's
Enforma Heritage Birth 1918

BIRTH 1918

The first steps were taken…

By entrepreneurs such as Joan Rectoret i Rigola, Joan Cusachs i Tarafa, Josep Costa i Oriol and Antoni Julià i Forre i Martia Nogueres i Maynou.

Founded in Mataró what would ultimately become a reference company in the hosiery sector: Molfort’S.


Entrepreneurs like Juan, Josep, Juli and Julio Cusachs and Pepe Cotrina build a new brand based on the experience of three generations coming from the industry:

The tradition, the love for the sport, cooperation with our athletes are the essential ingredients to reach our goals.



Passion for the industry, knowledge of the product, production methods, but above all the desire to bring something new.

Improve comfort, athletes performance and the bond with our customers.

No matter how many years go by, we are driven by the same interests.


Enforma Heritage Molfort's Advertising
Enforma Heritage Historic Advert
Enforma Heritage Historic Advert
Enforma Heritage Historic Advert
Enforma Heritage Historic Advert


At the beginning of the 20th century socks were woven in 4 parts: Fist, Leg, Plant and after they were sewn with the overlock machine.

The sock turned into an expensive garment to manufacture because of the different manufacturing processes.

The secret was to invest in single-cylinder circular knitting machines manufactured in England in order to reduce the number of procedures and lower the cost.


Latest generation machines for each era, witnessing the evolution of the sector for 100 years.


Machines capable of knitting the entire sock so that it comes out as one finished piece.

Enforma Heritage Molfort's Factory 1918
Enforma Heritage Molfort's Factory 2019
Enforma Heritage Molforts Sport
Enforma Heritage Molforts Sport


During the 1930s an Auburn Sedan 76 car was purchased and labelled with the brand’s signature. The car was seen in several editions of the Spanish Cycling Tour.


Our commitment to sport is also our tradition, our past and present come together so we can continue supporting the athlete, teams and events.


We are sponsor of several federations and elite athletes. Examples of the disciplines we work with are:

World Champion Mountain Skiing

He was the sixth man to reach all 14 eight-thousander summits, and the third one in reaching them without supplementary oxygen.

and many others that you will find in our WARRIORS section.

Enforma and Sport Claudia Galicia