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Compression socks

Compression socks prevent injuries, increase efficiency and improve performance. This is because our compression socks stimulate the flow of blood and moisture through the body. Compression socks provide pressure (compression) from the calf, Achilles tendon and shin. These are the places where beginning and advanced athletes suffer the most complaints and injuries. The pressure of the compression stocking ensures a better discharge of waste substances. The pressure of the compression stockings ensures a better discharge of waste products, and a good discharge of waste products ensures a faster blood flow, which in turn ensures better recovery after a run, ski or bike ride.

What do compression socks do?

Compression socks mainly increase blood flow. Compression socks have a high degree of compression and are special socks that can be worn from the foot to the ankle or knee. There are also various footless compression socks that extend from the ankle to the knee. These socks have a special pressure distribution called calf sleeves. When worn properly, they reduce swelling of the feet and improve circulation in the legs.

Elastic fabric in compression socks

Compression socks have a special fabric that is extremely elastic and exerts pressure (also called graduated pressure) on the muscles in the legs, ankles and feet. The compression forces the blood out of the veins in the legs and back to the heart. This helps your legs feel lighter and reduces pain and discomfort.

The benefits of compression socks

Compression socks are ideal for problems with the calves, shins, feet and Achilles tendons. They are also ideal to wear during intensive training. The advantages at a glance
– Prevents, repairs and reduces muscle cramps and tears.
– Compression socks ensure good blood circulation in the legs and calves during exercise.
– Prevents, restores and reduces various inflammations in the shin splints.
– Prevents tired or restless legs.
– Provides optimal support during exercise.
– Prevents, restores and reduces disorders of the Achilles tendon.
– Prevents, restores and reduces bruising.

Running compression socks

Compression socks are designed for the smart runner. Experience less running injuries, muscle pain and tired legs with compression socks. The socks are made of moisture-wicking materials and are designed to reduce injuries, muscle soreness and recovery time after exercise. Enforma running socks are made of high-tech materials for better moisture wicking and antibacterial action.

Compression socks running

Compression socks exert pressure on the blood vessels during running. This stimulates the blood circulation and helps to get rid of toxins. Your body will recover faster and alleviate the negative effects of muscle pain. We offer compression socks with low to high compression.


Compression socks are tight around the calf and Achilles tendon. This provides more stability during exercise. The Achilles tendon and calf will move less during running with compression socks. The calf remains more stable during running and is less affected by shock loads.

Innovative materials

Enforma socks are made of thin, sturdy material with moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties. This prevents blisters and sweaty feet during running, among other things.

Hiking compression socks

Both novice and experienced hikers sometimes suffer from heavy, swollen calves and legs. These discomforts sometimes get in the way of walking. During prolonged exercise, muscle tissue is broken down. The result is that extra fluid builds up in the lower legs. By wearing Enforma compression socks, you will prevent these complaints and hiking will remain fun!

Compression socks without feet

Compression socks without a foot are also called sleeves or tubes. These socks are mainly meant to be worn during sports when combined with your own sports socks. Sleeves often exert greater pressure on the lower leg.

With this sock, the calf muscle gets extra support during sports. This feels pleasant on the back of the lower leg, but also provides relief for the shin. All this promotes blood circulation.

The fit

It is very important that compression socks fit snugly around the feet. This will prevent socks from rubbing and causing blisters. Compression socks are often sold with a left and right foot. This way, the socks fit better around the feet. Because the socks take the shape of your feet, your foot gets extra support during running.

The shoe size

Compression socks are available in different sizes. Make sure that the socks fit properly to prevent sports injuries such as shin splints or Achilles tendonitis. Do you suffer from hamstring injuries? There are also special compression socks for that.

Moisture wicking compression socks

It is important that compression socks are sweat wicking. Compression socks should be able to quickly wick away perspiration and keep your feet dry. Make sure the socks are made of a special fabric that wicks away sweat. This will keep your feet not only dry, but also cool during your run.

Compression socks men

Online you can find different compression socks for men. The socks from Enforma Socks are unisex. There is no difference between compression socks for men and compression socks for women. Our socks are flexible enough to accommodate the difference between men’s and women’s feet.

Compression socks ladies

Enforma makes no distinction between compression socks for women and compression socks for men. Good socks ensure that moisture is removed and your feet stay dry. To properly accommodate the proportions of a man’s foot and a woman’s foot, we offer smaller sizing arcs (36-38, 39-41 etc.). These arcs indicate which sizes the sock in question is suitable for.

Whatever your needs, you will find perfect compression socks to match your preferences. Want to know more about our socks? Please contact us by email.