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Cycling socks

The right cycling socks are crucial, so that your feet maintain a good temperature when cycling. These types of socks give you support and extra comfort on the bike. With Enforma cycling socks, you prevent your feet from getting too cold or too hot. In the summer, it can be very hot. Of course, you don’t want to suffer from sweaty feet then. Our Coolmax cycling socks absorb moisture and are ventilating. In the winter, our socks keep your feet warm, but not too warm. The different types of cycling socks for cycling, cycling or mountain biking can be found in the wide range of Enforma Socks.

Why special cycling socks?

During cycling, your feet have to work hard. The movements can cause friction which, especially when your feet start to sweat, can become unpleasant and painful. Special cycling socks provide extra comfort. Our socks have been developed for various cycling activities (while cycling or mountain biking). They are made of light and breathable materials that prevent friction.

Cycling socks

Cycling socks are the finishing touch to any cycling outfit. Especially in summer when the socks are highly visible. Cycling socks not only look sleek, but also make sure you don’t get cold or sweaty feet. Cycling socks are crucial for fanatical cyclists who want to get the best out of themselves. The socks are important for the contact between the feet and the shoes.

Wide range of cycling socks

We have a wide range of socks that can be used as cycling socks. The breathable and moisture-regulating Coolmax fabric provides extra comfort for cyclists and mountain bikers. Enforma Socks develops, together with several athletes, the right cycling socks for all weather conditions. Whether it is bad weather or freezing: with the specialised socks from Enforma you are assured of warmth and comfort. Our cycling socks are waterproof and the Merino wool keeps your feet perfectly warm. Take a look at our range and get excellent value for money for cycling socks.

Various cycling socks

Cycling socks come in various sizes and designs. The socks provide ideal moisture regulation during cycling and the right wearing comfort. We offer low, medium and high cycling socks on Enforma. The socks are light in weight and have a left and right fit. Cycling socks give extra protection to your feet. They are easy to combine with other cycling clothes.

High and low cycling socks

There should be no holes in cycling socks. When this happens, the function of the socks is lost. Enforma offers high quality long and short cycling socks. The long socks go up over the calf and end just below the knee. The short socks go over the ankle and a little bit of the calf. Most cyclists choose to wear lower socks in summer only. High socks protect your ankles on cooler days and when it is time to wear long trousers. High cycling socks can be used all year round. Various types of cycling socks can be found above at competitive prices.

Cycling socks men

We do not make a distinction between men’s and women’s cycling socks. They are both intended for men and women. Our cycling socks are unisex and flexible enough to accommodate the difference between men’s and women’s feet.

Women’s cycling socks

At Enforma Socks there is no difference between men’s and women’s cycling socks. Our socks ensure that moisture is removed and your feet remain dry. To properly accommodate the proportions of a man’s foot and a woman’s foot, we offer smaller sizing arcs (36-38, 39-41 etc.). These arcs indicate which sizes the sock is suitable for. With Enforma Socks, your feet will be fresh, warm and sweat-free for the duration of your ride.

Merino cycling socks or Coolmax socks: what’s the difference?

Merino and Coolmax are fabrics that are often used for various socks, such as running socks, trekking socks, ski socks or cycling socks. Each fabric has its advantages in certain conditions. Merino cycling socks insulate well and ensure that moisture is removed quickly. The fabric also breathes well and has an antibacterial effect. This keeps your feet warm and dry.
Another advantage is that it is a natural product, so the impact on the environment is very low. The Coolmax cycling socks are made of synthetic fabric that is meant to cool. It quickly wicks away moisture and ensures the dissipation of heat.

Want to buy cycling socks? Go for Enforma socks

We have a wide range of cycling socks available. Like the Londres anti-bacterial cycling socks that ensure that every area of the leg gets the necessary compression. Or the extra light compression socks from Enforma Socks that provide optimal support and comfort. Our cycling socks come with excellent delivery conditions: fast delivery and shipping throughout the EU. Check out our wide range. Questions? Then contact us by email.