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Running socks

Your feet take a lot of abuse when running on rocky, bumpy, uneven surfaces. Good quality running socks not only wick away moisture, but also provide protection from abrasions caused by the twisting and sliding of your foot while running. Many seasoned runners prefer long socks to better protect the lower leg from rocks, bushes and insects. Enforma Socks offers the perfect running socks for every type of runner!

Best running socks

They are probably your least expensive piece of equipment, but they protect your most important asset: your feet. Blisters, bruises and toenail problems can all be alleviated by wearing the best running socks. What makes them different from “normal” socks is that they are designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable while running. When running, it is crucial to equip your feet and shoes with socks that are comfortable, functional and durable.

Choosing the best running socks is just as important as choosing the right shoes. Not only can the right socks improve your running performance, but they can also help keep your feet healthy and happy. An ill-fitting pair of socks can lead to toenail problems, bursitis, blisters, infections and other nasty foot problems that can jeopardise your running session. Whether you are going for a short jog or a long run, the right pair can be the foundation for a comfortable and pain-free running session. In short, running socks are essential!

Running socks men

Most men don’t shy away from a running challenge. But challenges can only be met with the right running socks. There are several running socks for men. The socks from Enforma Socks are unisex. This means that there is no difference between men’s running socks and women’s running socks. Our socks are flexible enough to accommodate the difference between men’s and women’s feet in terms of support and material.

Since running socks are made for use all year round, it is important to pay attention to the thickness and height of your sock. During the summer, you often wear low socks. But when it gets a bit colder, it is more important to wear higher socks. This will keep yourself and your Achilles tendons warm and reduce the risk of injury.

Running socks ladies

As mentioned before, we don’t make a difference between running socks women and running socks men. Good running socks drain moisture and keep your feet dry. To compensate for the difference between a man’s foot and a woman’s foot, we offer smaller sizing arcs (36-38, 39-41 etc.) compared to many other brands that offer larger sizing arcs (e.g. 36-39). These size bows indicate which sizes the respective sock is suitable for.

Most running socks are marked with an L or an R. This indicates which is the left sock and which is the right sock. These left and right socks are specially shaped and can therefore provide extra support for the foot in question.

Running socks against sweaty feet

Our feet contain about 250,000 sweat glands. High-quality running socks are specially designed for runners and draw moisture away from the skin. Ideal running socks are made from synthetic materials such as acrylic, Coolmax and polyester. Choose running socks with anti-odor properties to keep your feet clean and smelling fresh. Anti-odor traps, blocks and kills odour-causing bacteria that come from the body. It neutralises the bacteria before they mix with sweat. This ensures that the amount of body odour is reduced. When bacteria cannot mix with sweat, unpleasant odours disappear.

Compression running socks

Compression running socks reduce running injuries, muscle pain, tired legs and promote recovery. Compression socks are made from moisture-wicking materials that prevent blisters and sweaty feet. Compression socks are designed with gradual compression, which improves blood flow to the muscles. Enforma running socks have been developed together with athletes with the aim: less injuries, less muscle pain and faster recovery after exercise.

Compression running socks provide pressure (compression) from the calf, Achilles tendon and shin. These are the places where runners have the most complaints and injuries. The pressure of the compression stocking ensures a better discharge of waste products. The pressure of the compression stocking ensures a better discharge of waste products and a better and faster blood flow. This in turn ensures faster recovery after a run.

Tips for buying running socks

Running socks come in different types of fabric, sizes, thicknesses and cushioning properties. The following tips will help you choose the best running socks that will keep your feet comfortable and injury-free for consistent running success.

The material

An important factor when choosing running socks is the material. Stay away from cotton. This material is spongy and absorbent. When your feet get wet, they stay wet for a long time. And running in damp socks is a breeding ground for bacteria and blisters. Therefore, go for technical materials, which are lightweight and have sweat-dissipating properties.

The right size running socks

When running, it is essential to have running socks that fit perfectly. A pair that is too big or too small may sag, and you will not get the right amount of cushioning. In addition, you do not want your socks to leave an imprint, especially in the calves or ankles. Therefore, avoid socks that accumulate. Running socks should fit perfectly, especially under the arch and around the heel. To make sure that you have the right size, the heel portion of the socks should land perfectly on the heel without stretching.

The lengths of running socks

Socks come in different lengths. The length of running socks you choose depends on your personal preference, the sport you do, and the season. Knee-length socks run just below the knee to cover the entire calf. Crease length socks come up to the calf. Ankle length socks sit just above the ankle. Sock length socks sit just above the shoe line.

Thickness of the fabric

Like the material and size, running socks have different levels of padding and cushioning. Which type of sock you choose depends on your personal preference. Thick socks usually have extra padding in the heel and toe area for extra cushioning and blister protection. Thick socks are best suited for cooler seasons. Thin socks are lighter, but can cause friction during running. Thin socks are ideal for warmer seasons.

Go for Enforma Socks

Choosing the right running socks is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Therefore, it is advisable to experiment with different lengths and sizes. This way, you can find the perfect running socks for different seasons and conditions. At Enforma Socks you will find (compression) running socks in different lengths and sizes and tape socks in crew length. More information about our socks? Please contact us per email.