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Tape socks

At Enforma Socks you will find special socks based on the kinesio tape technology. This tape has become more and more famous in the sports world in recent years. The bright colours that are used are almost impossible to miss and we see them with great regularity with top athletes. Kinesio tape is an elastic cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive layer. Because the tape has the same properties in terms of elasticity and thickness as the skin, the tape adapts well to every natural movement.

What is kinesio tape?

The tape is made of tightly woven elastic cotton. The quality of the cotton is crucial for the wearing comfort and how well it resists deformation. The adhesive layer of the tape is made of polyacrylate. This adhesive layer is very durable and waterproof. As a result, the tape remains in place better and for longer when moving.

Kinesio tape is regularly used in medical taping to support the muscles without limiting freedom of movement. The thought behind this is that muscles not only have an influence on the movements of the body, but also on the blood circulation, the lymphatic system and the body temperature. The moment muscles stop functioning properly, this will result in complaints and symptoms. The use of kinaestiotape will stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body.

What effect does kinesio tape have?

The elastic properties of the kinesio tape in our socks cause a vertical lift of the skin. This decompresses the space between the skin and the muscles. This space contains many important things, such as nerve endings, blood vessels, etc. This decompression promotes blood and lymph flow in and out of the taped area. This ensures a faster drainage of waste products and pain-relieving substances, which promotes healing after exercise.

The presence of tape on the skin helps the body to deliver a non-painful stimulus to a painful area, making it more difficult for the nerve to transmit pain to the brain. The decompressive properties of the tape in the socks reduce the pressure and thus the compression on the nerve endings just under the skin. The kinesio tape only stretches lengthwise. The properties of the tape correspond to the properties of the skin. This helps the body’s ‘stabilisation system’ by adding extra stability and stretch.

The advantages of kinesio tape

– Maintaining freedom of movement
– Improving muscle function
– Immediate reduction of pain
– Support for joints
– Restoration of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

Our tape sock range

Our tape socks incorporate the revolutionary technology of kinesiology into a sock. This provides support, protection and assistance to the Achilles tendon. The Achilles heel is supported by the two connected anchors and a lashing strap. Our tape socks are ideal for training where the calf muscles are loaded with high intensity for a long period of time. By reducing tension and strengthening the function of the tendon, the risk of injury to the Achilles tendon is reduced. Our tape socks contain medium compression, anatomical fit, breathable and dry technology. Ideal socks for strengthening and protecting your Achilles tendon!

Pain relief with sock tape

In the world of feet, tape is increasingly used to treat pain complaints in particular, such as local swelling or overuse complaints of muscles and tendons in the foot and ankle. The tape improves blood circulation, thereby reducing swelling and allowing your muscles and tendons to function better. The tape is skin-friendly and is also permeable to air and moisture. Because the tape is stretchy, you will not feel it in the socks.

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