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Ball sports socks – tennis socks

Whether you are just starting to play tennis or any other ball sports, the right socks are crucial for your sports outfit. A good sock provides reinforcement around the ankles and ensures moisture absorption and ventilation. Tennis socks and other ball sports socks prevent pressure points, support your feet and remove perspiration. Everything to improve your performance. At Enforma Socks you will find high, medium and low field and ball sports socks. Check out our selection and complete your outfit!

Types of ball sports socks

We offer a variety of ball sports socks, such as tennis socks, in different colours, models and sizes. Breathable socks provide the right moisture regulation during exercise. Our socks prevent sweaty feet and blisters. The formed footbed guarantees an optimal position and settlement of the foot during sport. With the compression in ball sports socks, you are guaranteed the perfect fit and stability.

Why tennis socks?

Your feet have a lot to endure during tennis, squash, badminton and table tennis. When you play tennis, you move a lot and it is important that your shoes and socks give you optimal support. By jumping, sprinting and braking, tennis can cause friction and heat on your feet. Also, while playing tennis you often suffer from perspiration. To prevent this, the right tennis socks are crucial to get the most out of your performance.
Enforma Socks’ tennis socks are designed to be used in all weather conditions: from cold to warm weather. Our socks will keep your feet dry and sweat-free. With a pair of lightweight tennis socks you protect your feet from the rigours of playing tennis, squash, badminton or table tennis. Our tennis socks fall under the category of field and ball sports socks.

Tennis socks: for protection and comfort

Your feet sometimes have a hard time when you play tennis. Therefore, they deserve attention and protection. Good socks close around your feet and keep them dry. The right tennis socks reduce the risk of friction, blisters and irritations. Some socks have an ergonomic shape. This means that they have thicker sections on certain parts of your foot, such as the heels and toes. We have a wide range of field and ball sports socks, including tennis socks. You decide in which socks you want to train!

Tennis socks men

Tennis socks offer extra support and comfort while playing tennis. These socks ensure that sweat is removed, so your feet stay fresh! In addition, these socks prevent you from sliding around too much in your tennis shoes, which reduces the chance of blisters. We do not make a distinction between men’s and women’s tennis socks. Our field and ball sports socks are unisex and flexible enough to accommodate the difference between men’s and women’s feet.

Women’s tennis socks

With Enforma Socks there is no difference between men’s and women’s tennis socks. Our tennis socks fall under field and ball sports socks and ensure that moisture is removed and your feet stay dry. To compensate for the difference between a man’s foot and a woman’s foot, we offer smaller sizing arcs (36-38, 39-41 etc.). These size bows indicate which sizes the corresponding sock is suitable for. With the tennis socks of Enforma Socks you will have fresh and sweat-free feet while playing tennis.

Our sport socks

Enforma sport socks, like tennis socks, improve blood circulation because of the compression at the ankle during exercise. Better circulation helps with muscle recovery and regulates temperature by keeping you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. Our field socks have an anti-sweat effect and keep your feet dry and comfortable. The socks are ideal for any field sport, including football, baseball and softball, korfball, cricket and rugby. With our socks you will get the most out of your training on an (artificial) grass field.

Our ballsport socks

Ball sports socks, the word says it all: socks that are used during ball sports. They are supported with compression to prevent injuries and can be found in high and low socks, which you can use for different ball sports. All our ball sports socks, such as tennis socks, are made of high quality materials. Good socks for football and hockey are made of Coolmax or polyamide for extra protection and quick evaporation of sweat. Our ball sports socks are ideal for any ball sports, like football, hockey, handball, basketball and volleyball.

Extra cushioning and grip

Ball sports socks, such as tennis socks, provide extra cushioning during play. For example, when you want to hit a backhand, you land on your feet at full speed. It is important that this feels comfortable. In addition, our socks ensure that you get more grip while playing. Because you regularly have to do sprints, it is important that your socks give you extra support.

Our range of ball sports socks

In our assortment you will find a variety of socks: tennis socks, ball sports socks, field socks with medium compression to antibacterial socks and extra light socks for sensitive feet. Should you need help in choosing the right pair of field and ball socks, please contact us. We can give you the best advice for your sock selection.