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Trekking socks

Trekking socks, or hiking socks, play an important role in mountaineering. As one of the bottom layers of your clothing, socks must be able to keep your feet dry, warm, comfortable and odour-free. When hiking or mountaineering, not every sock will work and you need the best hiking socks that will not hurt your feet during your expedition.

Compression in trekking socks

Our hiking socks with compression are becoming increasingly popular among different types of hikers. Compression socks prevent tired legs and heat rashes, a common problem among hikers. These are red marks that you sometimes see on the calves and shins. The spots are caused by moisture and waste products not being drained away properly. When the temperature is high, the blood vessels expand even more, which makes it harder for them to drain away. Hiking compression socks stimulate the blood vessels, which warms up the muscles and reduces injuries.

Compression reduces unpleasant muscle vibration and thus prevents premature fatigue. The elimination of waste substances is also improved. The hiking socks or trekking socks from Enforma socks have a temperature and moisture regulating effect.

Tips for choosing hiking socks

Anyone can get sweaty feet during long walks. The moisture and friction from the toes cause blisters. Therefore, it is advisable to select socks that eliminate these risks so that you do not have to worry about your feet. Here are some tips to consider before buying hiking socks or trekking socks.

The activity

When it comes to mountaineering socks, you need to take into account the temperature in which you will be walking. Before climbing or hiking, make sure the socks are a good match for your mountain boots, even though the boots are generally built for a warmer pair of socks for insulation. You can also wear these socks in the winter when you are at home or doing other activities.

The fabrics

The fabric of your hiking socks or trekking socks contributes greatly to the comfort. The warmest mountain socks use merino wool together with polyester and nylon. These fabrics provide insulation, increase durability, wick away moisture and dry quickly. It is advisable to go for socks with a thick fabric and medium cushioning. Merino wool provides warmth, moisture regulation and cushioning. The properties of these socks prevent sweat odours. Merino wool is also itch-free.

Never choose cotton socks for mountaineering or hiking. They do not insulate when wet, causing blisters and sores. These socks pretty much guarantee a painful trek.

The spandex fabric, or elastane, provides flexibility and grip while hiking or mountaineering. It ensures that the hiking socks keep their shape and do not crease. Trekking socks with a medium or heavy cushion provide extra warmth and comfort in lower temperatures. They are specially designed for long journeys, rugged nature and extreme temperatures.

The right length for hiking socks

Always go for hiking socks or trekking socks of the right length. These socks should be longer than the boots or shoes you are going to wear, to protect the abrasions from the shoes on your legs. Enforma Socks offers various hiking socks of different materials and lengths: from high socks to medium height socks.

The right size

When choosing hiking socks, it is important to know the correct size of your feet, so that you do not buy socks that are larger or smaller. Small socks are uncomfortable and can pinch, while socks with a larger size can swell on your shoes while walking. The right sized socks can give your feet a lot of relief.

Crease length hiking socks usually stretch a few inches above your ankle. Knee-high socks cover the area above the calf to below the knee. Knee-high socks are generally preferred for mountaineering, although some mountaineers opt for crew-length socks. Some socks are specifically designed for the left or right foot. If you buy these types of socks, make sure you wear them on the right foot.

Our range of trekking socks

Mountaineering, hiking or trekking are tough sports that not only put your endurance to the test, but your equipment and socks as well. This is where our durable socks come into play.

At Enforma Socks you will find a variety of insulating hiking socks and trekking socks, which are suitable for mid to high boots. Our socks are perfect for extended treks because of their versatility and fast drying. Perfect for active athletes, who want socks that keep their feet dry and provide progressive compression where needed. View our hiking socks and trekking socks in the shop. Would you like more information? Then contact us by email.